What Is RTP And Why It Matters So Much When Playing Slots?

Read all about the return percentage of the most popular slots of today! Learn why RTP is so important and how to find the best slots games for your needs.

  • Slot machines are highly popular in today’s online casinos
  • RTP is one of the most important indicators
  • Slots with higher RTP offer better odds of winning

Over the years, slots have turned into the undisputed kings of the casino world. No other game of chance can compare to the popularity of slots games.

But, how and why did slot machines become so dominant?

Well, one of the main reasons for the popularity of slots is their high return percentage. Or, as most people call it – the RTP.

In case you never fully understood what is RTP, stick with this article and learn everything there is to know.

What Is RTP?

RTP Slots

The formal definition of RTP tells that this is ‘the statistical estimation of the returns that the slot gives back to the players over a period of time’. But, we will try to avoid beating around the bush. In other words, let’s explain the terminology in plain words.

Thus, RTP would be the percentage of your spins that gives a win. Of course, not all spins will generate the same amount of points. Yet, slots with higher return percentage will provide you with more chances of winning. On the other side of the coin stands ‘the house edge’. This is another term that relates to the percentage of bets that result in a win/loss.

Why You Should Play Slots With High RTP?

As a rule of thumb, every online casino will display the information about the RTP next to the slot machine in their library. After all, this number is not confidential or secret, and there is no reason for online casinos to withhold the information.

Either way, slots lovers should always pay attention to the return percentage of a certain slots game. The reason for this is simple – slots with higher RTP will give you more winning spins. Consequently, more wins will result in a higher bankroll. In the end, all of this will lead to higher rewards. And, it will also lead to more cash that you can collect at the end of your playing session.

Land Based Slots

Why Online Slots Come With Higher RTP Than The Ones In Land-based Venues?

If you look at the RTP of modern-day slots, you will notice a slight difference between the online slots and the ones in the brick and mortar casinos. Well, the difference comes from a range of factors.

First of all, online casinos spend less money on operating costs. For instance, they do not pay electricity, maintenance, and so on. Of course, land-based casinos employ a noticeable number of people. On the other hand, online casinos require a handful of workers.

Also, online casinos are swimming in exceptionally competitive waters. In fact, they are facing competition from all over the globe. At the same time, brick and mortar casinos are only up against the casinos in their regional area.

All of these factors are ‘forcing’ online casinos to offer better deals to players. As it turns out, favorable RTP is one of the most convenient options for enticing the slot lovers.


In conclusion, slots games can provide you with a lot of fun. They are captivating and colorful. But, it is important to check the RTP information before starting the spin. Slots with higher RTP are the ones you want, and some of the best online casinos are filled to the brim with such titles.